Omnibus Study

In order to serve as a reliable data-collection platform, the REPS Lab conducts an Omnibus Study each quarter of the academic year (summer excluded). These Omnibus Studies are multi-investigator efforts that field a carefully-crafted instrument on a diverse participant pool that draws on undergraduates from several UC campuses (UCLA, UCR, UCI) and Howard University.

Space on these Omnibus Studies is awarded on a competitive basis. Prior to each quarter, lab affiliates (faculty and students) are invited to propose an experimental module for inclusion in the fielded instrument. These proposals are vetted and selected on the basis of scientific criteria (e.g., clarity of hypotheses, strength of research design).

The ultimate goal of these studies is to facilitate ground-breaking research by individual investigators, which manifests in several forms, including published research articles, doctoral dissertations, and undergraduate honors theses. To learn more about how you can become a lab affiliate, please contact the REPS Lab at

The REPS Lab owes a special thanks to its faculty colleagues at UCLA, UCR, UCI, and Howard University. Our participant pool depends, critically, on their ongoing generosity.