Undergraduate Training

Meeting the objectives of the REPS Lab depends, in part, on a team of highly dedicated research assistants. As a research assistant, you will conduct research investigating topics in racial and ethnic politics, implicit political cognition, group identity, and language and survey response. You will participate in the lab in several ways. You may run subjects as an experimenter in a lab study, act as a confederate in a lab study, recruit participants, enter data, code qualitative responses, help develop stimuli, and contribute to the lab’s research in other ways.

Research assistants may receive course credit for their work in the lab through UCLA’s Student Research Program. Students receive 1 unit of credit for 3-5 hours of work per week or 2 units for 6-10 hours of work per week. Please see more information about SRP on the website of the Undergraduate Research Center for Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences. If you would like to pursue other types of research contract opportunities offered by UCLA, please contact the lab manager.

The lab typically supervises honors theses or independent research for students who have worked in our lab for at least two quarters. Please meet with Professor Pérez to discuss other policies and expectations for students who would like to complete an honors thesis or independent research in the lab.

To apply for a research assistant position in the REPS Lab, please submit the application form, your CV or resume, and your most recent unofficial transcript to the lab manager, Bianca Vicuña, at uclarepslab@gmail.com.