Work in Progress

The following manuscripts reflect some the research I am currently engaged in. I have presented parts of these projects at colloquia in political science and psychology departments throughout the country in the last year, including Stanford University, Vanderbilt University, UC Merced, and Northwestern University. A special thanks to workshop participants for their generous feedback.

[1] “Diversity’s Child: The Social Roots and Political Actions of People of Color.”

Book manuscript in progress. 4 out of 8 chapters completed. Based on original surveys, experiments, and in-depth interviews with African American, Asian American, and Latino adults. 

[2] “Voicing Politics: How Language Shapes Public Opinion” (with Margit Tavits).

Book manuscript in progress. Based on several original survey experiments in the United States, Sweden, and Estonia, all focused on the role that language plays in structuring mass opinion in domains as varied as gender and LGBT equality, pro-environmental policies, and ethnic conflict.